Tory party spends £50,000 on Rishi Sunak Facebook adverts in one week

The Conservative Party has dramatically ramped up its ad spend on Rishi Sunak’s Facebook page in the final weeks of 2023, drawing criticism from observers and casting a light on the often murky world of political advertising.


It was initially reported that the party had spent an “unprecedentedly large ” amount – more than £30,000 – on Facebook adverts promoting Rishi Sunak in the space of a week (from 24 December to 30 December).


Since then, the investment has increased by almost two-thirds (64%), rising to £49,352 for the one-week period from 26 December to 1 January. The additional £11,000 of ads which went out on New Year’s Eve bought Sunak to about 6 million ad impressions over the seven-day period.


Most of the adverts which went out during this period were positioned with Sunak asking people to “follow” to hear “directly from me”.


In comparison, The Labour Party spent £0 on Facebook ads promoting Keir Starmer over the same period. It did, however, spend £245 on general Labour Party ads during the week ending 1 Jan 2024.

The dramatic increase in spend was bought to light by policy group WhoTargetsMe, which also points out that Sunak has purchased more Facebook ads in the last three months than Keir Starmer has in the nearly four years since he became Labour leader.


WhoTargetsMe has also highlighted that some of the adverts have proven particularly popular, with the Conservative Party spending up to £75,000 on the two pictured since 29 December (the final cost is not yet available due to the way Meta bills its advertisers).


In comparison, The Labour Party ‘Tory Tax Calculator’ campaign – which was launched on 2 Jan – has cost the party up to £17,500.


However, investing in the ads has clearly worked, with Sunak’s Facebook page adding more than 100,000 followers in the last four weeks alone. At the time of writing, the prime minister’s page has 816,000 followers – more than The Conservative Party page itself (753,000).


Source: Sursa Marketing/Beat

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